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                                          Learn about the warning signs of abuse:

A person experiencing domestic violence will often be afraid to openly share their circumstances for fear of retaliation from their abuser. If you suspect someone you know may be experiencing domestic violence, start by watching out for these key indicators:

  • seem scared or anxious to please their partner

  • be overly agreeable to everything their partner says and does

  • check in often with their partner to report on their activities

  • frequently receive harassing phone calls from their partner

  • talk about their partner's temper, jealousy or possessiveness

  • treating you exceptionally well at the beginning of the relationship

  • making you feel sorry for him or her

  • never being at fault

  • trying to control you through constant communication

  • separating you from your family and friends physically or emotionally or causing chaos before or during family events 

  • being overly critical

  • searching your belongings for evidence of cheating

  • prying into private belongings to learn more of your inner most feelings or past

  • accessing your emails, facebook and phone records

  • booking your calendar so it seems impossible to end the relationship

  • systematically removing you from your existing friends with probable excuses and keeping you too busy to maintain them

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